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Some Weird Weight Loss Methods

1. Constellation slimming weird method

The so-called constellation weird weight loss method actually focuses on the different psychological analysis of the twelve constellations, rather than providing actual weight loss methods. According to the research of astrologers, the twelve constellations have different personalities, and they adopt suitable weight loss methods according to their characteristics. The following are the characteristics of each constellation:

Capricornus: He has extraordinary stamina, has a well-planned plan for doing       things, and will work hard to achieve his goals regardless of everything. For more research Click Here.

Aquarius: Rebellious personality, will challenge all kinds of difficult, no matter how small the chance of success, he will try his best to achieve his goal to prove his strength.

Pisces: Because of their fragile feelings, they often rely on diet as their sustenance for life.

Aries: Impulsive to do things, often only three minutes of enthusiasm for things, lack of persevering determination.

Taurus: They have extraordinary endurance, and they will vent their gluttony by over-suppressing themselves.

Gemini: With a dual personality, he can be very involved in losing weight at one time, and then he will turn his attention to other things.

Cancer: Very emotional, will use food as a reward and spiritual comfort.

Leo:  Have the courage to accept the fact that you are fat and listen to others’ opinions, but make yourself too lazy to improve by admitting it.

Virgo: There is always a set of standards for doing things, even if you are really fat, you will not agree with others’ criticism.

Libra:Personality focuses on balance, and only eats more when he wants to gain weight; although he is restrained, he does not know how to reject the hospitality of others.

Scorpio: Personality is specific, once you like to eat a kind of food, you will eat it without saving, which is the main cause of obesity.

Sagittarius: Optimistic and informal, even if he is obese, he will not realize the need to lose weight.

Note: Psychoanalysis over actual weight loss advice.

2. Menstrual cycle slimming is weird method

Basically, a seven-day cycle is used to lose weight, which can be done 4 times in a month. First record the daily weight, find the day with the lightest pound, and set this day as the weight loss day. During the weight loss day, you should eat light food, and do not eat starchy foods in the morning and evening. The second day of weight loss day is gymnastics day.

Going on a diet on a weight loss day will cause your weight to drop by about 1 kg the next day. Therefore, it is advisable to do gymnastics for 5 to 10 minutes before breakfast or on an empty stomach on gymnastics days before returning to a normal diet.

For the next two or three days (ie, the third to fifth days of the cycle), you can maintain your daily life and eating patterns, the only thing you need to pay attention to is not to eat too much.

On the sixth and seventh days of the cycle, you should pay attention to the change in weight. If you find that the weight is different from the weight on the gymnastics day, you must be careful not to eat too much, so as not to waste your previous efforts. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

At the end of a cycle, you should be 1 to 2 kg lighter than you were a week ago. Repeat the above steps in a weekly cycle, and your weight will gradually drop.

Precautions: Pay attention to the amount of food you eat, and don’t overdo it.

3. Blood Type Meal Slimming weird Method

The foreign book The Eat Right Diet proposes that eating according to blood type can effectively lose weight. Here are the foods the authors recommend for people with different blood types and why:

blood typesSuitable foods and why
Type A  The digestive system of the human body has changed after humans started farming, so it is advisable to eat a vegetarian diet.
Type B and Type ABPeople with these two blood types have the best-evolved digestive systems, so they can eat a wider variety of foods.
Type oSince the ancestors of primitive people who mainly eat meat belong to this blood type, it is suitable to eat a high-protein but low-carbohydrate meal.

4. Feng Shui slimming weird method

The so-called feng shui, simply put, is to use the human body to receive the energy possessed by the land, so as to bring good luck and make the body healthy. Living in a south-facing, sunny room can improve your health. With blue bedding, tableware, etc., it is said to have a slimming effect.

Note: There is an old saying: “Feng Shui says that you have faith, and you don’t believe it.”

5. Brush your teeth to lose weight        

The weird method is to do other things like brushing your teeth when you want to eat when you are hungry, to distract your desire and hunger. Brushing your teeth not only cleans your teeth, but also reduces cravings for food. Brushing your teeth with your left hand stimulates the brain cells on the right side of the brain that require food, satisfying both your body and mind. Remember to brush your teeth slowly for at least 3 minutes.

Precautions: Using too much toothpaste every day can damage your teeth, so you can only brush your teeth with water when you brush your teeth frequently.

6. Tongue wiping to lose weight is weird method

Morning and evening, use an old toothbrush or towel to gently rub from the base of the tongue to the tip of the tongue, preferably after meals. Because the taste buds on the tongue are covered by the tongue coating for a long time, the sense of taste becomes dull, and people eat too much without knowing it. Therefore, if you wipe your tongue twice a day, it can increase saliva secretion, help digestion, and prevent constipation.

Precautions: Be careful to scratch the tongue.

7. Diary slimming weird method

Keeping a journal is the best way to reassess your life. Those who adopt this slimming method should carry a notebook with them and record what food they eat and when they eat it every day. If you read your diary before going to bed every day, you will find out how often you eat and whether you are consuming too many calories. At the same time, you can also control your diet psychologically, so as to gradually change your eating habits to achieve to the goal of weight loss.

Note: Write down what you have eaten every day. It can be a good reminder, it can also be a source of increased stress, and extreme cases may even cause anorexia.

8. Temperature difference slimming weird method

In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, obesity is caused by the imbalance of yin and yang in the body. The classics of traditional Chinese medicine <<Neijing>> has a theory of “the left side is yang and the right side is yin”. After more than ten years of clinical observation, the Chinese medicine field has found that there is a temperature deviation between the left and right armpits of obese people.

Matters needing attention: Although the temperature difference weight loss weird method also needs to pay attention to the details of diet and life, it is of course indispensable to do more exercise, which is roughly the same as the general weight loss theory and practice.

The weight loss weird methods mentioned in this article are for reference only. Before starting any weight loss plan, you should consult your doctor and nutritionist, and you should not try blindly. May you can see about Natural Treatment.


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