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Weight Loss Products.

Certified Pharmacists, explained that OTC Weight Loss Products include medicines approved by the Department of Health and some natural health products, while non-prescription weight loss products are mostly the latter, so they are not regulated by the Department of Health.

Details About Weight Loss Products

At present, the over-the-counter weight loss products on the market can be divided into the following categories according to their pharmacological effects:

  1. Laxatives or diuretics (e.g., detox products and herbal teas) – can cause diarrhea symptoms by removing a large amount of water from the consuming person, thereby causing weight loss, only to quickly return to normal.
  2. Bulk-enhancing products (eg fiber) ─ Mainly for satiety and loss of appetite, but serious side effects can lead to intestinal damage.
  3. Crab chitin claims to be able to absorb oil and lose weight, but in fact the main ingredients are only carbohydrates .
  4. Bifidobacteria claims to balance and normalize the intestinal flora, helping to digest toffee.
  5. Meal replacements mainly provide low-calorie foods, which can lead to malnutrition, vitamin and mineral shortages.

Pointed out that most of these weight loss product advertisements exaggerate the efficacy of the products or tout their safety. However, general products can only reduce the body weight of those who take them, and cannot reduce excess body fat, and some products have not even been clinically proven to have weight loss effects.

In addition, because the vast majority of manufacturers do not provide substantial data, nor do they need to be tested on humans and animals before they can be launched into the market, the safety is inevitably questioned. According to the survey, most respondents tend to believe the content of advertisements and believe that these products are safe, even though most people do not fully understand the pharmacological effects of them. For more research Click Here.

The most common side effects of weight loss products are malnutrition and dehydration, which can lead to imbalances in the body’s electrolyte balance: for example, sodium loss can lead to fatigue and weakness; potassium levels directly affect the operation of the heart, which can be fatal.

As for amphetamine-containing products, it will directly affect the operation of the central nervous system and cardiovascular system; thyroid hormones will only accelerate metabolism, which can seriously cause muscle atrophy. In addition, some products may interact with other medicines without being recognized by the user, and without consulting a doctor beforehand, it may lead to serious drug reactions.

In addition, even if the product ingredients are listed, manufacturers often use difficult and difficult scientific names to make consumers misunderstand that the product contains some special ingredients and stimulate product sales. However, there have been cases in the past that some weight loss products contain banned drug ingredients, or contain amphetamines or thyroid hormones, etc., only to make the user lose their appetite or hinder the absorption of nutrients, and long-term use is harmful to health. Clearly marked, the general public is really difficult to distinguish. For more health visit our site ArticlesHubs.

Therefore, Public must clearly understand the principle and safety of the products before taking over-the-counter weight loss product. If necessary, products that only act on the stomach and intestines should be used, so that the worst side effects end in the stomach and intestines without affecting the central nervous system. However, in order to protect your health, you should discuss with your doctor and pharmacist before taking any weight loss product to confirm that it is safe and effective before taking it.

The biggest difficulty in enforcing the regulations is that most categories of over-the-counter weight loss product are in a gray area and have the opportunity to escape the regulations. These drugs or products generally only list the main ingredients, while the remaining ingredients and proportions are not listed. For example, the ingredients of some detoxification products on the market are inaccurately listed, making it difficult to supervise the efficacy and safety of the products. May you can see about 3 Myths About Weight Loss Products.

Weight Loss Products

Weight Loss Products

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