Engaging The Whole Family in a Weight Control Program – Latest Research 2022

weight control program

If there are family members, especially children, who need to participate in a weight control program because they are overweight, the family should work together so that they can help the needy members achieve their goals. The following suggestions may help you.

Details about weight control program

  1. Set weekly goals of weight control program with your child , noting that the goals should be realistic. Constructive goals include: limiting TV viewing time (because TV watching involves eating a lot of snacks), planning a weekly walk, or cutting out junk food, etc. Unrealistic plans include abstaining from sweets altogether or forcing children to do activities that are physically overwhelming. For more research Click Here.
  • Have your child keep a life log , including what he ate (such as snacks) and how much activity he was doing each week. Children don’t need to get too into calorie counting, but teach them to choose healthy food types. Parents can look at these diaries with their children and respond positively.
  • Use praise and rewards. Complimenting your child’s efforts (rather than criticizing when he makes mistakes) can increase his motivation to do well. Don’t forget to give your child a small prize other than food when he hits his short-term goals. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.
  • Minimize temptation in the living room. Don’t bring soda and junk food to your home, and store only healthy snacks in the refrigerator, such as chopped fruits and vegetables. Avoid watching TV while eating to avoid overeating.
  • Overweight children often have pessimistic thoughts , such as “no one likes me because I’m fat” or “no matter how hard I try, I will still be overweight in the future”. As a parent, you should encourage your child and support him in your daily life.

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weight control program
weight control program

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