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Warming Up

Regardless of whether the intensity of exercise is high or low, if there is no sufficient warming up exercise, the body may be subject to different degrees of exercise trauma, and even lead to sequelae. Therefore, whether it is a professional athlete or a sports enthusiast, the importance of warm-up cannot be ignored.

How Warming Up Makes You Healthier

There is no so-called “authentic” way to warm up, but some basic principles can be used as a reference. The warm-up exercise can be divided into three steps:

First, let each joint get active, and the range of action can be larger. We can start with the head and neck and then continue to the upper, waist and lower extremities. For more research click here.

The second step is to stretch the tendons. The main function is to increase the flexibility of the body, which can increase the range of motion of the body and reduce the chance of injury. In addition, stretching the tendons can reduce muscle soreness after exercise, which is more important for some office workers who usually exercise less.

The last step of the warming up exercise is to improve the cardiorespiratory function. For example, running and practicing some basic movements of sports can improve the function of the heart and lungs and put the body into a “combat state”. At the same time, it can effectively circulate the blood and accelerate the gas exchange in the lungs, reducing the chance of hypoxia and asthma in the body cells. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

How much time should we spend doing warm-up exercises? Generally speaking, as long as a slight sweat is achieved, the heartbeat and breathing are slightly accelerated.

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Warming Up
Warming Up

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