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Uninsured Americans

Because they are unable to pay for it, more and more uninsured Americans are going without health insurance. However, there is a fix. There are new health insurance portfolios available that were created specifically to help fill the need for accessible coverage for individuals and small company employees.

Options For Uninsured Americans

This is wonderful news for many Uninsured Americans who frequently lack the funds to buy their own health insurance or whose employers do not provide coverage. This includes people who are self-employed, employed by small businesses or who own small businesses, as well as people in other situations that necessitate them purchasing their own health insurance. For more research click here.

“One of these groups includes more than 45 million Americans. Many of these individuals lack insurance or are unable to afford the customary plans offered by insurance companies “the senior vice president of Physicians Mutual, Melissa Crawford, says.

The business combines new and old products to create an Integrated Health Portfolio (IHP) that offers a range of options and costs.

The IHP provides a range of benefits, including as protection for:

• Appointments with doctors

• Care for prevention

• Hospitalization

• Operations

• Major catastrophic medical

• Outpatient medical care.

“This line of products is intended for middle-class Uninsured Americans who previously had little choice but to purchase large medical insurance with $5,000 deductibles or higher. That’s too lot for them to bear on their own, says Crawford. “They want a plan that covers a percentage of the price of routine medical care, such as doctor visits, vaccinations for children, and screenings like mammograms and prostate cancer exams. They also require discounts on prescription medication and eyewear. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

Crawford explains, “We have choices where there is no deductible to satisfy, so policyowners receive benefits the first time they have a covered medical expense. Additionally, there are no lifetime maximums with this kind of coverage.

Crawford notes that small business owners and individuals frequently lack access to benefits managers who can explain their insurance options. Customers can use the needs assessment provided by the health portfolio to choose which insurance options are best for them.

A member of the Physicians Mutual family, Physicians Mutual Insurance Company and Physicians Life Insurance Company offer a broad range of financial, health, and life insurance products. Both businesses frequently earn top marks from unbiased insurance analysts. May you can see about Affordable Options to Expensive Health Insurance .

Uninsured Americans
Uninsured Americans

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