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Treatment Surgery

Weight Loss Treatment Surgery is popular in these days . In this article we have read about Weight Loss Treatment Surgery and its methods.

Weight Loss Treatment Surgery Methods.

1. Water Polo Stomach Slimming Treatment Surgery Method

The Treatment Surgery method is to put the silicon ball into the stomach from the human throat, and then inject half a liter of saline into the silicon ball, and store it in the stomach for half a year. This method can make people often feel full, thereby reducing eating. If combined with proper exercise and diet, the effect will be more significant. For more research Click Here.

Note: Although this is a new weight loss method, 4,000 obese people in Europe have had this surgery, but the results are not consistent, so more trials are needed to confirm the feasibility of the method.

2. Liposuction

In the obese parts of the body such as arms, abdomen or legs, the subcutaneous fat is extracted through surgery, so as to achieve the effect of local weight loss. In fact, liposuction can only achieve shaping. To lose weight safely and healthily, you must start with diet and exercise. In addition, liposuction is only effective for fat, and if the fat part is muscle, liposuction to lose weight is not feasible.

Matters needing attention: Pay attention to the side effects of liposuction and weight loss. People with poor blood circulation should not do circular liposuction, especially if two or three parts are drawn at a time, it is more likely to be dangerous, and there will be a chance of skin necrosis.

3. Gastric Separation Slimming Treatment Surgery Method

Gastric restriction is a kind of weight loss Treatment Surgery that is more in line with physiological needs. The method is to divide the stomach into two “pouches”, one small and one large, one small and one large. It also reduces the absorption of nutrients in the stomach.

Matters needing attention: The amount of food eaten is very small, which will affect daily social interaction. If the weight does not exceed the standard by a lot, it is better not to do it for the sake of health.

4. Gastric bypass surgery to lose weight

Gastric bypass is an operation to connect the stomach and jejunum together to reduce the area of ​​the stomach for absorbing nutrients, thereby reducing the opportunity for the body to absorb nutrients and achieving the goal of weight loss.

Matters needing attention: Many people have achieved a certain degree of success in this operation, that is, to control their weight to a certain extent, they will undergo gastric separation surgery in order to further reduce their food intake. However, this operation does not guarantee 100% success, and sometimes it may increase without reduction, because the dieter’s deviant eating behavior, such as eating less and more meals, will cause the weight to recover again.

5. Acupuncture slimming Treatment Surgery method

According to the research of acupuncture experts of traditional Chinese medicine, the principle of acupuncture to lose weight is to adjust the nervous and endocrine functions of obese people. Increase the energy consumption of the human body, and finally achieve the effect of weight loss. Stimulating appropriate acupoints through acupuncture can weaken gastrointestinal motility and produce gastric acid secretion. At the same time, it can also enhance the function of the hypothalamus and adrenal medulla system in obese people, promote the normalization of digestion, breathing, cardiovascular and endocrine functions, and accelerate fat metabolism. Increase calorie consumption. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

In addition, acupuncture at auricular points can stimulate artificial changes in the hunger center and satiety center, affecting the nutritional status of the body; stimulating the vagus nerve can affect the secretion of insulin, thereby suppressing appetite. In addition to the above-mentioned effects, acupuncture has the function of reducing swelling and diverting water. Acupuncture at acupoints can clear the

meridians, help the body to expel water, and make people who are obese and swollen lose weight.

Chinese medicine believes that the use of acupuncture for weight loss should take 10 treatments as a treatment stage and 30 treatments as a complete course of treatment. In the early stage, it is advisable to receive treatment every day, with acupuncture for about 20 to 30 minutes. In the later stage, the treatment can be reduced to 1 treatment every other day. Usually about 2 to 5 kilograms can be lost after completing a treatment session, and about 5 to 15 kilograms can be lost after completing a course of treatment. If combined with a proper diet, the effect will be more significant.

6. Auricular Acupuncture Slimming Treatment Surgery Method

Ear acupuncture has a history of more than 5,000 years in China. The theory is that the human ear and internal organs are related to each other. If the internal organs change, the ears will respond. Conversely, if the auricular acupoints are stimulated, the connected internal organs can have a certain regulating and therapeutic effect.

Matters needing attention: There are many causes of obesity. It is not just relying on reducing appetite to lose weight, and stimulating auricular points is not as effective as direct acupuncture, but it is more convenient and simple.

The weight loss methods mentioned in this article are for reference only. Before starting any weight loss plan, you should consult your doctor and nutritionist, and you should not try. May you can see about Sports and Exercise.

Treatment Surgery
Treatment Surgery

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