Common Musculoskeletal Problems – Sprains – Latest and Useful Research 2022


In sports, injuries of different severity can easily occur, ranging from mild sprains or bruises to severe fractures or head injuries. They should not be underestimated, but should be handled carefully and correctly.

More About Sprains

Joint structure

Human limbs are composed of dozens of bones of different sizes and lengths. The connection between bones is called joints. That’s where the hands and feet move. In addition to the joint capsule and joint fluid (for lubrication), the joint also has ligaments that connect the bones on both sides of the joint. For more research click here.


stabilize the joint. So it can be stretched very little. And it contains rich nerve tissue to sense the amplitude and intensity of joint activity, and transmit this signal to other tissues in time, such as nearby muscles (muscle contraction caused by reflex). To prevent the joints from being excessively flexed and stretched and cause injury, it plays an important role in protecting the joints.

How do sprains happen? When exercising, the strength, speed and range of motion are too strong, sometimes exceeding the capacity of the ligament, causing excessive stretch, which in turn leads to tearing of the ligament.

As the ligament tear may cause slight bruising, the local tissue pressure in and around the ligament increases, compressing the corresponding nerve tissue, causing pain.

Nearby joints and muscles also involuntarily reduce range of motion due to protective reflexes to avoid further damage. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

Symptoms of a sprain

joint pain.

Sometimes there is redness and swelling.

The range of motion of the joints involved is significantly reduced due to pain.

Treatment measures

This joint should be temporarily inactive.

A cast may be required if necessary.

Topical ice packs can help reduce redness and reduce pain.

Taking pain relievers can reduce symptoms.


Do a foot warm-up before exercising.

The intensity of the exercise should be within the capabilities.

Avoid strong and sudden stimulation of joints and cause injury.

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