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skipping breakfast

Lose weight by skipping breakfast?

It’s not uncommon for people who are obese, or who want to stay slim, to skipping breakfast. In fact, this approach is often counterproductive, not only fails to lose weight effectively, but may also gain weight.

When there is nothing wrong with the gastrointestinal tract of the human body, if you do not eat breakfast, you will feel hungry before noon. In such an empty stomach, the food eaten is the most easily absorbed. In other words, the food eaten at this time is the easiest to convert into subcutaneous fat, which will eventually be stored.

Researchers have conducted experiments on white mice many times and found that mice that eat only one meal a day are more likely to be obese than mice that eat three meals a day. For more research visit breakfast skipping

The reason is that white mice that eat only one meal a day naturally increase fat in their bodies to store the calories they need to consume on an empty stomach. If the same is true for humans, eating a full lunch on an empty stomach due to hunger will increase stored fat and become obese. In addition, people who skip breakfast will unknowingly cause excess food intake when eating lunch and dinner. Also, after dinner, because there are fewer opportunities to exercise, most people will sleep with their heads on their heads after watching TV. Of course, what they eat will turn into subcutaneous fat, and over time, the body will become fatter. For more health tips visit ArticlesHubs.

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skipping breakfast
skipping breakfast

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