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Side Dishes

In addition to meat and vegetables, the “Side Dishes ” of hot pot, such as soup base, vegetarian ingredients and beverages, also have many health traps.

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soup base

Other Ingredients – Deep Fried Traps

Even though hot pot side dishes ingredients such as root and branch bamboo are vegetarian, it does not mean that they are necessarily healthy. When gluten is deep-fried, the heat is often higher than that of meat, and a lot of oil is released when boiled, making the soup base oily. Might as well choose tofu instead, tofu is rich in protein and low in calories, it is a healthy choice. For more research Click Here.

*Healthier choice

Drinks – clear tea is the best
. You will feel extremely hot and dry when eating hot pot side dishes , so be careful when choosing drinks. For example, the calorie content of the sweet and thirst-quenching coconut green is the crown of many drinks. In addition, drinking soda can easily cause abdominal distension and discomfort, so it is not advisable to drink more. On the

contrary, oolong tea can help to eliminate stagnation, and at the same time has no calories, it is an ideal choice.

*Healthier choice

Soup base – light is better

In addition to food ingredients, the choice of soup base is also very important, because different soup bases can directly affect the amount of calories absorbed. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

Preserved egg and coriander soup is a better choice because it is lighter, making it perfect for hot pot soup base.

The soup base of the drunken chicken pot is clear, which can protect the body from the cold after drinking, but pay attention to the content of Huadiao wine. High alcohol content will contain higher calories, and chicken skin also contains extremely high fat.

Spicy or satay soup bases are a favorite for spicy lovers, and eating spicy food helps warm the stomach and perspire. But both chili oil and peanut butter are extremely oily, and eaters absorb a lot of calories from their food.

The pork bone soup base is delicious and thick, which can bring out the umami flavor of the food, but the bone marrow and pork of the pork bone contain fat and extremely high cholesterol. People with heart disease and high blood pressure should eat less.

This article is reviewed by the consultant doctor of this site. May you can see about Choose Hot Pot Food Carefully – Vegetables and Seafood. 

Side Dishes
Side Dishes

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