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Self Employed

Florida citizens who are self employed and want health insurance have a variety of possibilities. Be aware that there is no set rule as to which option is best for you; it depends on your health, your age, and other factors specific to your case. You can choose Florida self-employed health insurance by following a few fundamental rules, though.

Details About Self Employed Health Insurance

The first Florida self employed health insurance choice open to independent contractors is to merely submit an application for an individual health insurance coverage. Applying for an individual health insurance policy has the advantage of Florida having relatively affordable individual health insurance premiums. By looking at instant Florida health insurance rates, you can see that for yourself.

The drawback of trying to buy an self employed health insurance coverage in Florida is that you have to be in good health. By virtue of your prior medical history (pre-existing conditions), restrictions on your height and weight, and other health-related factors, a health insurance company may, in accordance with FL law, reject your application for an individual health insurance coverage. For more research click here.

That implies you won’t be eligible for coverage under a Florida self employed health insurance policy if you have cancer, diabetes, weight issues, or a number of other physical conditions. (Any dishonest salesperson who tries to convince you otherwise is misrepresenting the product they are trying to sell you as health insurance when it is most likely a discount health plan or a health insurance indemnity plan with very little coverage.

Applying for a Florida group health insurance plan is the second Florida health insurance choice open to self-employed people. Any group in Florida with two employers and/or employees or more is regarded as being qualified for Florida small group health insurance. You have another alternative available to you if you’re the only self-employed individual operating as a single proprietor in the state of Florida; see option 3 below. Applying for a Florida small group health insurance coverage has the advantage that some medical conditions won’t result in an automatic denial, unlike those that would on the individual health insurance side.

The drawback of trying to buy a group health insurance policy in Florida is that it could be very expensive. Consider this: As contrast to a situation where the insurance company may choose who they will accept for health insurance, the higher the rates will be the more possibly unhealthy people that the insurance company must provide group health insurance to (individual health insurance). For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

For those working as sole proprietors in Florida, there is a third choice for health insurance for self-employed people. Florida guaranteed issue small group health plans are available to self-employed sole owners. Only the month of August is designated as the open enrollment period for Florida’s guaranteed issue small group health insurance.

Without the assistance of an independent Florida self employed health insurance agent who is licensed and unbiased, Florida self-employed health insurance might be a bit of a challenge to understand. The ability to deduct health insurance premiums paid on Schedule C of your tax return against and up to your Schedule C income is one of the many ways to reduce your tax liability. (This means that even if you don’t itemize [Schedule A], you can still deduct your health insurance premiums paid all the way up to your Schedule C income.]

Visit to get assistance from the CPA, CFP, and licensed Florida independent insurance brokers who specialize in Florida self-employed health insurance. May you can see about Group Health Insurance In Florida.

Self Employed
Self Employed

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