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Release fat

The chemical name of Release fat is triglyceride, which is chemically synthesized by three fatty acids (Fatty acids) molecules and one glycerol (Glycerol), and then stored in adipose tissue (Adipose tissue). To reduce fat accumulation in the body, it must be fred from fat cells and broken down. For more research click here.

Details About Release fat

The rate at which fat is released from fat cells is relatively slow, even during exercise. When the body lacks energy or is in a state of exercise, it will stimulate the body to secrete an enzyme that breaks down fat. This enzyme is responsive to hormones, and it breaks down fat into three fatty acid molecules and one glycerol molecule in a process called fat hydrolysis. The decomposed glycerin is water-soluble, and it flows away through the bloodstream.

In the process of exercise-stimulated fat hydrolysis, the most important hormones are adrenocortical and para-adrenocorticoids. Exercise can increase the concentration of fatty acids in the blood, and during prolonged moderate-intensity exercise, fatty acid oxidation is 10 times faster than usual, and fat synthesis is slowed. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

Increasing the intensity of exercise accelerates fatty acid oxidation, but also increases lactate production. Lactic acid reduces the rate at which fatty acids are fred and increases the rate at which fatty acids are re-synthesized into fat, and carbohydrates become the main source of energy. During low- and medium-intensity exercise, the concentration of lactic acid in the blood is very low, which does not affect the release of fatty acids. Fat becomes the main source of energy for exercise. In other words, the body fat will be consumed accordingly.

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Release fat
Release fat

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