Are Regular Exercisers More Likely To Develop Testicular Cancer – Latest Research 2022

Regular Exercisers

It has always been said that regular exercisers is beneficial and harmless, but a Canadian study found that men who exercised regularly and were physically active were more likely to develop testicular cancer than their less active peers.

Regular Exercisers More Likely To Develop Testicular Cancer

According to statistics, men between the ages of 15 and 35 are most likely to develop testicular cancer, and the number of testicular cancer has risen sharply in the past 20 years. The researchers compared 212 men with testicular cancer with 251 men suspected of having testicular cancer and found that the more active the young men were, the greater their chances of developing testicular cancer. Men under the age of 30 who do moderate to vigorous physical work have a 70% to 85% higher risk of testicular cancer than those who do not. For more research click here.

Researchers had assumed that physical activity would reduce the risk of testicular cancer, but have now come to the opposite conclusion. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs..

How physical activity increases the chance of developing testicular cancer has not been determined, but it is possible that physical activity during adolescence delays puberty, alters male hormone levels, and to some extent increases the risk of cancer. Further investigations into the relationship between hormones and physical activity, especially physical activity, should lead to important new findings, the researchers said.

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Regular Exercisers
Regular Exercisers

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