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Tofu made from soybeans is rich in nutrients, including 40% protein , 25% carbohydrates , 20% fat , unsaturated fatty acids as high as 61%, and a variety of minerals and vitamins . It is a suitable food for all ages.

Treasure of Protein

Tofu should not be exposed to the air for more than four hours

Traditional flat tofu is made fresh every day and has a unique fragrance, but it may get dusty when it is sold, so in recent years, boxed tofu in airtight packaging has become popular. After buying the flat tofu, it should be immersed in water, then put in the refrigerator, and taken out to remove the water before cooking. Fresh tofu should not be exposed to the air for more than four hours, otherwise it will easily go bad. On the other hand, boxed tofu is easier to store, but should still be stored in frost and eaten before the expiration date. For more research Click Here.

Instructions on how to eat tofu in a variety of ways

Hot pot: Put it in the hot pot soup base, and it will be hot, but don’t cook it for too long, otherwise the tofu will absorb excess oil.

Mapo Tofu: Tofu is mixed with minced meat and sauce, and it is soft and delicious. It is a protein-rich meal with rice. However, chili is a pungent food and should not be eaten too much.

Safe for all ages: Tofu mixed with dace meat, steamed and drizzled with soy sauce to taste, this dish is light and has no broken bones, so it is suitable for all ages. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

Braised Tofu: Cut tofu into pieces and deep-fry, then add sliced ​​meat, mushrooms and oyster sauce to cook, fragrant and rich. However, it should be noted that the calorie content of tofu after frying is also high.

Tofu Fish Cloud Soup: The fish head is added high in protein with preserved egg and coriander to cook a sweet fish cloud soup. When cooking, remove the fish head first, take out the fish cloud when the soup turns milky white, then add tofu and cook for a while before seasoning. In this way, there is no fear that children or the elderly will eat fish bones when drinking.

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