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Parenting to provide the best quality of life for your children, of course, includes the best diet and nutrition. However, this condition may lead to obesity in preschool children and primary and secondary school children, and the rate of childhood obesity is increasing at an extremely high rate and has become a health concern. For more research Click Here.

More About Obesity

Experts who study obesities say that chronic diseases such as hypertension , coronary artery sclerosis or hyperlipidemia in adults are not only caused by obesities, but also accumulate from childhood, and symptoms do not appear after 20 to 30 years. If children do not control their weight as early as possible, they will inevitably pose a serious threat to their health. The results of the study pointed out that obese children not only have higher rates of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, gout or cerebrovascular disease later than normal children, but also the onset time may be earlier in their 20s or 30s. For more details visit our site ArticlesHubs.

In addition, overweight children will not sleep well, so they are prone to respiratory diseases, because the accumulation of fat will oppress the respiratory organs, the lungs cannot breathe normally, and even lead to transient hypoxia in severe cases.

In addition to the potential threats of the above-mentioned chronic diseases, overweight children are not only less convenient in life, but are also prone to encounter difficulties in getting along in groups, such as being ridiculed and rejected by their classmates, even lacking self-confidence and unable to gain external affirmation And develop a cowardly, negative, withdrawn character, severe cases will affect life.

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