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Muscle Structure

To understand the muscle structure, it is necessary to clarify the definition and function of muscle abdomen, muscle fibers, tendons, etc.

More About Anatomy and Muscle Structure

The main body of a muscle is the muscle belly, where the muscle fibers are located. The length of muscle fibers can range from a few millimeters to tens of centimeters. The longer the muscle fibers, the greater the shortening of the contraction, and the more likely it is to perform rapid movements.

The length of the muscle fiber will determine the speed of muscle contraction, and its number is related to the strength of the muscle. For more research click here.

Since the muscle force produced per unit cross-sectional area is nearly constant, the magnitude of the muscle force is proportional to its cross-sectional area.

The magnitude and direction of muscle force generation are also closely related to the arrangement of muscle fibers. Muscles are arranged in parallel, single-wing, double-wing, multi-wing and annular.

Parallel type: The muscle fibers are mainly based on the speed of muscle contraction, such as the sartorius muscle in the front of the thigh. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

Multi-wing type: Muscles have a more compact arrangement of muscle fibers. When these fibers contract together, the force generated is quite significant, so it mainly reflects the strength of the muscle. This type of muscle has the deltoid muscle at the shoulder. Wait.

The ends of the muscle structure fibers are tendons. Tendons attach to bones and provide a point of force for muscle contractions. Unlike muscle fibers, tendons are mainly composed of connective tissue fibers without contractile function, and their role is to provide support and fixation for muscle fibers. It was a bright, conspicuous pale white in contrast to the dark flesh.

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Muscle Structure
Muscle Structure

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