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Muscle Fitness

Muscle fitness refers to the two major capabilities of muscles: strength and endurance. Muscle strength is the maximum force a muscle can produce at one time, such as the number of pounds of weight lifted; while endurance is determined by the number of repetitions of muscle movement when a muscle is under a certain appropriate load, such as the number of times a dumbbell is lifted.

The benefits of muscle fitness

Appropriate muscle strength can improve muscle firmness and tension and avoid muscle atrophy and relaxation. For more research click here.

Save time and effort when dealing with daily tasks.

It can improve the protection of muscles and joints and reduce the chance of injury during exercise.

Related sports

Dumbbells, weightlifting, slingshot belt, etc.

exercise guide

Strength: High loads, low reps. Such as: choose heavier dumbbells, each press up to 4 to 10 times as a group.

Endurance: Low loads, high reps. Such as: using lighter dumbbells, each press 10 to 15 times as a group.

Do not do more than 4 sets of exercises per day. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

It is advisable to rest two days after exercise before starting another exercise, but the interruption time should not exceed 4 days.

When exercising, pay attention to the weight of various instruments, which must be selected according to individual physique and ability, in order to achieve the desired effect and reduce the chance of injury.

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Muscle Fitness
Muscle Fitness

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