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Muscle Fatigue

Fatigue during exercise is widespread. There are many reasons for muscle fatigue, some people are more prone to fatigue than others due to certain diseases, such as anemia, underactive thyroid, diabetes , some chronic diseases, etc. Tumors themselves produce tumor necrosis factors, which can also cause muscle weakness and fatigue.

Details About Muscle Fatigue

In the central nervous system, such as mental stress, depression, and anxiety, it will also cause psychological burdens, which will reduce the body’s endurance to withstand continuous exercise. Certain drugs can affect the body’s mental state and cause fatigue. In addition, loss of appetite, nutritional deficiencies or disturbed sleep can also slowly drain the body’s energy. For more research click here.

If the method of exercise is not correct, such as insufficient warm-up exercise, the body will have difficulty adapting to the sudden exercise challenge. If the selected sports are not familiar to you, or do not conform to your physical condition, such as too long exercise time, the amount of exercise exceeds the load of your own ability, etc., it will also cause fatigue. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

The factors of muscle fatigue are mainly related to changes in the chemical structure of the muscles, the main ones are as follows:

The accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles.

Changes in acid-base concentration.

Decreased potassium ions in nerve cells.

The conduction velocity of nerve impulses is slowed down.

A decrease in intracellular ATP energy.

Glycogen stores are reduced.

Binding of myosin and calcium ions is slowed.

The sliding cycle of the connecting bridge is slowed down.

Sometimes the sarcolemma is destroyed.

After understanding the various causes of fatigue, you can choose the most appropriate exercise program according to the specific situation of each person during training to achieve the best training effect.

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Muscle Fatigue
Muscle Fatigue

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