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Every Valentine’s Day, in addition to flowers, misunderstanding about chocolate can be said to be the inevitable choice for lovers. Although women love and hate chocolate because they are afraid of getting fat, it turns out that eating a moderate amount of chocolate is not only good for health, but also makes people feel good.

Misunderstanding About Chocolate

Chocolate can be in love?

Studies have found that chocolate is a food that can affect people’s emotions. Chocolate contains tyramine and phenethylamine, which can affect the activity of the central nervous system, making people uplifting, refreshing, and making people feel relaxed and happy. And chocolate does have a special appeal to some premenstrual women. Therefore, those who are in a bad mood may wish to take a bite of chocolate, and the little lover in the honey transport, eating chocolate can increase the happiness that they feel when they are in love. For more research Click Here.

Dispelling misunderstanding about chocolate

Many people think that eating too much chocolate will cause acne . In fact, there are many factors that cause acne on the skin. At present, there is no medical research to prove that eating chocolate is related to acne.

Some people think that eating more chocolate will increase cholesterol and be harmful to health. In fact, the cholesterol content of chocolate is very low, and although chocolate is high in fat , it is fortunate that it contains a saturated fat (Stearic Acid), which does not increase blood lipid cholesterol content. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

Some people think that eating too much chocolate can be as addictive as coffee. Although chocolate does have extraordinary appeal, the caffeine content of chocolate is not high, and the chance of addiction is lower than that of coffee.

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