Jogging Can Cause Knee Discomfort – Latest Research 2022


Many people think that jogging is a light exercise, but they ignore that this exercise can easily lead to discomfort in the feet and knees, so be careful when doing it.

The discomfort is mainly pain in the ankle, tendons near the heel, and the sole of the foot. In general, long-term running causes discomfort; long-term walking can also cause pain. Of course, the frequency of pain is directly related to the severity of the situation. For more research click here.

The main areas of foot discomfort in Jogging

Tendinitis mainly has three affected areas, which are the inner and outer eye and the heel. Most of them are caused by strain or overwork.

Injury prevention warm-up method

Warm-up exercise before running is very important, may wish to refer to the following warm-up method to prevent knee injuries.

Before jogging exercising, move your heels and have ample movement in all directions.

Stretch the hamstrings by flexing the front leg (the so-called lunge). Note that the heel of the back leg cannot leave the ground. If the posture is correct, you should feel the pull of the back of the back leg. This action to maintain more than half a minute to relax, and then repeat. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

Causes and prevention of plantar foot pain Most of the causes of plantar foot pain are due to the fact that when running, too much attention is paid to the ground of the heel. As a result, a considerable amount of impact force is concentrated in the heel with each step, which over time can cause inflammation of the soft tissue there. Therefore, to prevent plantar pain, you must first choose a good pair of running shoes. At the same time, you should also consider whether the ground of the running field is too hard, or evaluate whether the running time is too long.

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