Does Genetic Food Affect Immunity – Latest and Useful Research 2022


Genetic improvement projects have improved immunity and human life. In particular, after the genetic modification of food, crops can grow faster, and their ability to resist diseases and insects can be enhanced. In addition to improving the quality of food, it is also expected to solve the problem of future food supply. However, these genetically modified foods have been strongly criticized by green groups, saying that these genetically modified “scientific monsters” not only destroy the ecological environment, but also endanger our health. Who is who is who? . For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

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Genetically Modified Foods Destroy the Immune System

A recent study found that genetically modified foods can damage the immune system and immunity, drawing attention from all walks of life. The study pointed out that experimental mice eating genetically modified potatoes can cause damage to their organs and immune systems, which makes people question the impact of genetically modified foods on human health, and even suspect that eating genetically modified potatoes may cause cancer. Scientists also believe that the current development of genetic engineering knowledge is still very limited, and the harm caused by genetically modified foods to the human body is still unknown. For more research Click Here.

Genetically modified foods will be popularized

In fact, since 1983, many foods containing genetically modified ingredients have been sold. In the United States, genetically modified foods include corn, soybeans, potatoes, pumpkins, tomatoes, papaya, milk and milk products, among which soybeans, tomatoes and potatoes are the main objects of genetic engineering research. It is undeniable that genetically modified food will be the main food of the world in the future, and many green organizations are actively striving to add information on the genetically modified ingredients in addition to nutritional information and expiry date on food labels.

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