Eight Healthy Cooking Habits – Latest Research 2022


Healthy eating and cooking isn’t just about choosing nutrient-dense foods, it’s also about how you handle your food.

8 Healthy Cooking Habits

  1. Add less salt and monosodium glutamate: Absorbing excess salt and monosodium glutamate is absolutely not good for the body. Consider replacing salt with spices, seasoned vinegar, or citrus juice. Adding garlic and onion powder (not garlic and onion salt) to meats and soups also tastes good. For more research Click Here.
  •  It should be steamed rather than fried: Choose a cooking method that can not only maintain the taste and color, but also retain nutrition. Cook vegetables by steaming, but avoid prolonged cooking and high temperature damage to the nutritional value.
  • Eat more vegetables: Try adding different types of vegetables to salads and various dishes, such as adding vegetables to soups, adding chopped red or yellow peppers to enhance the flavor of dishes, and replacing thick soups with pickled fruit , and eat it with meat.
  •  Try low-fat alternatives: Such as low-fat cheese, low-fat salad dressing, and skim milk. Replacing a whole egg with two egg whites in baked goods can also significantly reduce fat and cholesterol. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.
  •  Beware: of oil Drain the oil as much as possible when cooking, and use a special paper towel to absorb the oil just after frying. Put the unfinished soup in the refrigerator and skim off the oil on the surface before heating.
  •  Don’t eat burnt food. Use open flames to roast meat as little as: Possible Microwave cooking is a healthy way to cook because the short cooking time reduces the loss of nutrients.
  • Homemade desserts control fat content: When making cakes at home, choose applesauce, plum jam or yogurt instead of fresh cream, which is more effective for brownies and can effectively reduce the fat content.
  • Use Whole Grain Flours: Try Choose frozen yogurt and jelly instead of ice cream. If you want to spread a spread on bread, choose jam instead of butter.

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