Hands-off Does More Harm Than Good – Latest and Best Research 2022


In recent years, shaking hands-off has become a popular morning exercise. When practicing the hand-shake exercise, the main thing is to forcefully throw the hands and feet out in all directions, so that each joint can be moved, and the mobility of the joints can be strengthened. However, hand-shake exercises may not have much benefit for sports shoulder joints, and may do more harm than good.

More About Harm of Hands-off

The characteristic of the shoulder joint is that it has a large range of motion, and therefore, the stability of the shoulder joint is slightly insufficient. In addition, it is different from other joints. It relies on surrounding ligaments and tendons for support, so the chance of injury to the shoulder joint is also higher than other joints. For more research click here.

When the hand-shake exercise is performed continuously, the joints of the shoulder may be strained while the tendons are kept loose. Although the degree of this type of strain is not serious, if it accumulates over time, it may cause the elasticity of the tendon and ligament to decrease, or cause chronic inflammation, causing shoulder pain and reducing the ability to move, creating a considerable obstacle to life. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

In fact, some sports such as badminton or other shoulder sports may cause tendon and ligament injuries. Therefore, you must have sufficient warm-up and stretching exercises before performing such sports, which can greatly reduce the chance of injury.

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