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Families seeking for a practical gift for a recent college graduates may want to think about health insurance rather than a computer or a car.

Health Insurance is Graduates Blessing

The fact that many health insurance policies discontinue covering grown children under a parent’s plan even when they are living at home often shocks recent graduates of college and their families. For more research click here.

Once people reach a particular age, finish, or stop pursuing their education full-time, the majority of adult children who are still enrolled in school lose their insurance coverage. Many of these recent college grads are falling through with a doughnut hole as the majority won’t have coverage until after they have found a job.

There may be a sizable number of young people that fit this description. The age group of 18 to 24 year olds had the lowest likelihood of having health insurance coverage, based on a Census Bureau survey from 2002.

Some people find that using a product known as temporary or short-term medical insurance is an efficient approach to meet this demand. Such policies typically cover periods of one to six months and are intended to address brief gaps in health insurance coverage. The precise duration of coverage could differ by state and business. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

Assurant Health, a firm that contributed to the development of the idea of short-term coverage, sells plans that typically cover durations of 30 to 185 days. Because the insurer is accepting less risk, this sort of plan is typically more affordable than permanent insurance coverage.

Most temporary insurance plans need not include preventative care, physical exams, vaccines, dentistry, or eye care because they are often meant to handle the unforeseen. Furthermore, temporary insurance typically excludes coverage for pre-existing problems.

While graduate students who are no longer protected by a family plan but are not yet covered by an employer’s group plan are the traditional consumers of brief health insurance, other people may be interested in the policy. It might be useful for people going through a job change, starting a new career, or new hires who have to wait a short time to be covered by an employer’s group insurance policy. May you can see about What You Need To Know About Health Insurance.


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