Gentle Stretching – Latest Research 2022

Gentle Stretching

Many people overlook the importance of gentle stretching but actually stretching is a simple and beneficial exercise. It can increase the flexibility of the muscles. When the muscles have sufficient flexibility, a lot of discomfort caused by lack of exercise can be avoided, especially the common muscle pain.

More About Gentle Stretching

The characteristic of unrestricted

stretching is that it is not restricted by the venue, and can be carried out in many places without the need for some auxiliary equipment. In addition, it does not require much time, so it is time-saving and beneficial. It can also be used as a warm-up before exercise and as a cool-down exercise after exercise. When the body has sufficient flexibility, the chance of injury during exercise can be greatly reduced. For more research click here.

“Rebound Stretching” Can Hurt

Any exercise, even if it has countless benefits, can be counterproductive if performed incorrectly, and gentle stretching is no exception. The most common mistake is the “rebound stretch” as the main form. The so-called “rebound stretch” is to first stretch the tendon to be stretched as long as possible, and then perform quick and short back and forth stretches. This will not only not effectively improve the flexibility of the tendon, but will tighten the tendon. This short stretch simply triggers the tendon’s “counter-stretch reflex,” which is a protective mechanism of the body against sudden tendon stretches that automatically tighten the tendon. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

To avoid doing this reflex, when stretching the tendon, keep the muscle group stretched for tens of seconds before relaxing, and avoid suddenly straining. The form is roughly to first stretch the tendon until there is a clear sense of stretch, then add a little force, hold it for a while, and then relax. At the same time, you don’t need to breathe hard, just naturally.

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Gentle Stretching
Gentle Stretching

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