New Functional Food – Latest and Best Research 2022

Functional Food

Modern urbanites pay more and more attention to nutrition and health, so there is the birth of “functional food”. Functional foods are mainly those that contain one or more ingredients that can be used to enhance a healthy diet, and are not difficult to find on supermarket shelves in Japan, Europe and the United States.

Details About Functional Food

Low cholesterol butter is one of the function foods. A Finnish research team found that children aged 3 to 13 with severely high cholesterol levels due to genetic factors experienced an 18% drop in their cholesterol levels after consuming low-cholesterol butter three times a day for three months. This butter contains Stanolesters, which block the absorption of cholesterol by the body, thus lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood. However, the study showed that only one child’s cholesterol level fell to the normal range. For more research Click Here.

In fact, function foods have been around for many years. For example, iodine is added to table salt to remove goiter. A goiter is one of several types of abnormal thyroid growths that are caused by iodine deficiency. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

With the advancement of medical technology, new function foods can be counted in an endless stream. For example, chicken soup and noodles with Echinacea (herbs that can enhance immune function and eliminate colds) appear on the market; Heart Bar, a snack bar containing nitrogen oxides essential amino acids, which can help dilate blood vessels; whole carrot cake, which contains psyllium (natural soluble fiber), which promotes heart health by lowering blood cholesterol levels; potato chips with kava (an anxiety-relieving herb), and more. Consumers should be aware that careful selection of function foods can improve their daily diet, but there is also the possibility of misuse.

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Functional Food
Functional Food

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