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Bone is the hardest organ in the body except for teeth, and it is mostly protected by fractures soft tissues such as muscles and fascia, supporting the weight of the body, promoting the movement of limbs and protecting important internal organs

Common Problems of Fractures

During the exercise, due to the violent collision between the athletes or the strong internal force of the athletes, the corresponding bones are put under a kind of pressure, and the weakest part of the bones will be in danger of being broken when they cannot bear the pressure. . Fractures and consequent hematomas are the cause of intense pain. For more research click here.

When a fracture occurs, the bone may deform or become irregular in contour. Local redness and swelling of the skin and limited range of motion at the injured site. Occasionally when a large bone is broken (such as the femur), especially the broken bone and surrounding soft tissue can protrude from the surface of the skin, causing profuse bleeding. The injured person will have white lips, rapid breathing, fast and weak pulse, and low blood pressure. If not treated in time, severe shock can be caused, and even life-threatening.

Necessary First Aid Procedures

Stop the injured person’s movement.

If there is obvious external bleeding, it can be applied with sterile or clean gauze or other cloth.

In the process of escorting the injured to the hospital, try to avoid moving the injured part to avoid aggravating the displacement of the fracture. Giving painkillers not only relieves pain, but also stabilizes the patient’s tension. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

If blood circulation is insufficient due to too much bleeding, doctors give fluids or blood transfusions to the injured person to replenish the body’s blood volume .

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