Common Injuries in Football – Latest Research 2022


Football involves more physical collisions, so the chance of injury is higher; muscle injuries are the most common.

More About Injuries in Football

Injuries can be roughly divided into two reasons. One is that excessive use of the same group of muscles, such as practicing shooting for a long time, may cause injury to the quadriceps in front of the thigh. For more research click here.

The other is the trauma caused by external force, such as being kicked by the opponent’s player on the thighs, feet and other parts. If the force is too strong, it will cause trauma. In terms of treatment, it mainly depends on the degree of damage to the soft tissue. Regular ice packs for 15 minutes will allow the injured muscles to rest as much as possible. Elevate the limb at rest to reduce swelling and wrap the injured area with an elastic bandage. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

After a day or two, when the pain begins to subside, you should gradually begin to stretch to restore the flexibility of your muscles, and you can also slowly start doing some muscle-building exercises.

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