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This the article about diet foods and methods of uses diet food. In this article we have discuss about various diet foods methods.

Diet Other Foods Methods

  1. Protein Slimming Method

One of the popular weight loss methods in Japan, the earliest protein weight loss menu in foods only has eggs and vegetables. After years of evolution, today’s protein weight loss menu also includes fish, shrimp, noodles and rice. In fact, the protein contained in protein is very rich, which is almost the same as the protein contained in ordinary lean meat. Adults can combine a large number of vegetables and reduce meat, and can eat 5 to 6 pieces of protein per day. For more research Click Here.

Menu: For breakfast, you can have smoked turkey protein with peach oatmeal bag and 1 cup of water. For lunch, you can have grilled prawns and eggplant with 1 cup of hot lemon tea with sugar substitute. For dinner, you can have roasted liu liu with spicy bean-stuffed protein, 1 bowl Mixed vegetables and 1 cup of water. This is the best foods for whole day.

Precautions: Do not eat for more than 7 days in a row, and abstain from sweets, otherwise all previous efforts will be in vain. The cooking method should be steamed, boiled, boiled or fried with less oil. At least 8 glasses of water should be drunk every day, and no more than 2 weight loss courses should be performed within a month.

2. Meat-eating diet

The theory of meat-eating weight loss is to rely on fasting starch and sweets to reduce glucose in the blood, thereby stimulating the body to break down fat and provide calories, so as to achieve the purpose of burning fat and losing weight. However, in the process of burning fat, the amount of “acetone” in the blood increases and stimulates urination. Therefore, only part of the body weight that is generally lost is fat, and more than 50% is excess water. Because the method is very simple, you only need to eat meat and a lot of vegetables, quit sugar and starch, and you can successfully lose weight without starving, so it is very popular.

Matters needing attention: If you use pure meat as a normal eating habit for a long time, the cholesterol in the body will be too high, which will lead to heart or blood vessel problems. When the human body decomposes fat and protein, it will produce harmful substances, which greatly increases the load on the kidneys and liver.

Long-term eating will lack sufficient water, so it is only suitable for once a month. In addition, if the stomach cannot adapt to the fat in a large amount of meat, the stimulation of the intestinal tract will make the stool become loose, and the intake of a large amount of vegetables and water will double the stimulation of the intestinal peristalsis, so it is especially suitable for people with constipation.

3. Konjac slimming method

 Konjac is a no-calories food rich in fiber. Ready-to-eat konjac, made from powdered konjac bulbs, does not contain any calories, but a diet that eats only this food every day is quite dangerous. The best way is to cook with konjac as much as possible with each meal. Since the texture of konjac is similar to rice and the taste is very mild, it is cooked together with rice to make it easier to feel full when eating, thereby reducing calorie intake.

Note: As for the extremely popular “Konjac jelly”, it can effectively treat constipation. However, due to the addition of sugar, fruit juice, etc., each small cup of jelly already contains about 100 kcal, so it is not advisable to eat more.

4. Vinegar-flavored soybean slimming method

Soak dried soybeans in rice vinegar for three days and eat about 10 capsules a day to treat constipation. If taken before meals, it will make the stomach feel bloated and suppress appetite.

Matters needing attention: Although soybeans are rich in nutrients, only eating soybeans for a long time cannot provide enough nutrients for the human body. In addition, soybeans are soaked in vinegar, which will also be stained with vinegar when eating, so people with stomach problems should not eat them.

5. Snacks to lose weight

Eat only vegetables for three meals, give up other food, and maintain 60% full stomach. Start feeling hungry two hours after a meal, and then fill up with snacks when hungry.

Matters needing attention: You must be careful in choosing the type of snacks, and try to avoid eating high-sugar and high-fat foods.

6. Chocolate slimming method

The cocoa (theobroma) substance contained in chocolate can relieve stress. Eating a little chocolate when people are anxious can prevent overeating due to bad mood. Eating a small amount of chocolate on an empty stomach before meals will give you a sense of satisfaction, and the portion of the main meal will naturally decrease. If it lasts for 4 to 5 days, you can achieve the purpose of losing weight.

Precautions: You should avoid eating chocolate as a late-night snack when you are full or after meals, because its energy will be converted into fat immediately, and you should also avoid eating snacks other than chocolate.

7. Ice cream slimming method

 The method is to replace the daily dinner with 1 cup of ice cream, because ice cream contains the nutrition of milk, and 1 cup of 120ml ice cream only contains 250 kcal, which is far less than the calories of dinner.

Note: This method cannot be used for a long time, so as not to cause malnutrition in the body.

8. Mouth gel slimming method

The jelly sold on the market , if no dairy products are added, only contains about 80 to 100 kcal, and the calorie content is very low. It can be used as a dessert for those who lose weight. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

Matters needing attention: The material of the mouth gel is bone glue, its main component is protein, and there is almost no dietary fiber, so it does not have the effect of eliminating constipation.

9. Lactic acid bacteria slimming method

The lactobacillus diet requires users to consume only yogurt, enzyme drink, vegetable juice and water for three days. Since this is a very low-calorie diet, the daily caloric intake is small, so it can lose weight quickly.

Note: This method subtracts the muscle layer, not the fat, so after returning to the original eating habits, it is easy to gain weight again. And only eating lactic acid food is extremely unbalanced in nutrition, and it is not worth trying.

10. Cheese slimming method

Eating only cheese and bananas for three meals a day, without other food, can use the live lactic acid bacteria contained in cheese to promote intestinal peristalsis and expel toxins from the body, thereby achieving the effect of improving skin and eliminating fat accumulated in the abdomen. Cheese is rich in calcium and benign protein, which is an indispensable element for slimming people.

Matters needing attention: Obesity is not due to toxins in the body, but excessive fat. This method is not a good way to lose fat. In addition, eating these two foods alone cannot fully provide the nutrients needed by the human body, which may lead to the lack of various vitamins and minerals. Once the previous eating habits are restored, the weight will naturally recover.

11. Curry slimming method

The spices in curry can promote fat burning, so eating curry rice at 1 meal a day can burn fat and lose weight.Matters needing attention: It is advisable to eat curry rice with vegetables as the protagonist, and use salad oil instead of cooking oil, which greatly reduces calories and is conducive to healthy weight loss.

12. Honey fasting to lose weight

 Dilute 150 grams of honey with water and drink it in several times within one day for two days. Do not eat during this period.

Precautions: Due to the minerals in honey, a two-day course of treatment will not be dangerous to the body; but it must not exceed two days, otherwise it will lead to mental danger. After two days, you need to drink some rice porridge. After the body slowly adapts, you can return to a normal diet.

13. Noodle slimming method

 Although noodles contain a lot of carbohydrates, they can be converted into energy immediately after eating, and it is difficult to accumulate in the body. Therefore, compared with bread and rice, noodles are less likely to accumulate into fat. Choose 1 meal a day in foods and only eat noodles. In the long run, combined with moderate exercise, you can effectively lose weight.

Matters needing attention: A bowl of 100 grams of noodles has 330 calories, and 100 grams of instant noodles has more than 400 calories. If the cooking method uses more oil and more seasoning in foods, it will increase the calories, so be careful to control it. In addition, pay attention to the coordination of nutrition. If you choose to eat noodles for lunch, you should pay attention to balanced nutrition in the dinner menu.

14. Baby foods slimming method

Baby foods has almost no sugar and salt, and the taste is unpalatable, which can make people lose their appetite. Therefore, replacing one meal a day with baby foods can effectively reduce appetite.

Note: A British magazine published a survey report that among the 420 foods products specially designed for infants aged 6 months or older, nearly 40% were found to contain powdered sugar and fruit juice, which means that the ingredients are natural. Foods that contain additives and sugars, such as baby pudding, have no natural pulp, only spices, which do not appear to be the most nutritious food and are not suitable for use as a meal replacement for weight loss .

15. Cereal Crisp Breakfast Weight Loss Method

In order to lose weight, the basic condition is to eat 3 meals a day, but many urbanites do not have the habit of eating breakfast, or they have no time to eat breakfast because they wake up late, so there is no need to cook cereal chips such as corn flakes for breakfast. It is the most convenient. Cereal crisps are processed from grains and dried fruits. They contain more nutrients than a piece of toast, and are also high in fiber and minerals, which are absolutely in line with the principles of health.

Note: When choosing, avoid cereal chips that contain high-calorie ingredients such as powdered sugar and chocolate in foods.

16. Porridge slimming foods method

The amount of rice in a bowl of porridge is only half of that of white rice, and the rice grains will become larger after being soaked in water, which will make people feel full after eating. Therefore, a person who loses weight eats a bowl of porridge to be satisfied, and the calorie intake is half that of eating.

Matters needing attention: Porridge is easier to digest, so you will be hungry soon after eating. It is very likely that people who lose weight will eat a lot of snacks because of their weak willpower and the feeling of being hungry, so it is easy to reduce it.

17. Dessert foods slimming method

This method only requires the dieter to maintain a daily calorie intake of no more than 1600 kcal. Because dieting is easy to feel depressed, if you replace 200 kcal of 1,600 kcal calories with your favorite dessert every day in foods, you can maintain your determination to lose weight and achieve weight loss.

Precautions: Be careful to count the calories you eat each day and don’t overdo it.

The weight loss foods methods mentioned in this article are for reference only. Before starting any weight loss plan, you should consult your doctor and nutritionist, and you should not try blindly. May you can see about Diet Vegetables.


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