Top 5 Excuses For Not Exercising – Latest Research 2022


Many people know that exercising brings many benefits to the body, and some people even make a series of exercise plans. However, some people give themselves excuses not to exercise. Are the following “reasons” your usual “reasons”?

Excuses For Not Exercising

1. “I’m too old!”

Older people can do more aerobic exercising and endurance training, which can not only promote blood circulation, but also reduce blood pressure and blood lipids, and improve muscle strength. This can increase the body’s immunity, reduce the chance of the body being infected by diseases, and also make one’s “horse gait” more stable to prevent falls. For more research click here.

2. “I often go out of town for business!”

If you often fly, first check if there is a fitness center available at the airport. Dehydration can occur during air travel, so drink more decaffeinated beverages and avoid alcohol. Many hotels have fitness centers and jogging tracks, check for details at check-in. If you don’t want to leave the room, bring a jump rope or do cardio in the room.

3. “I don’t have time!”

Experts suggest that we should do 30 minutes of exercise every day, so no more excuses for not having time. If you are physically unable to support 30 minutes of exercise, you can divide it into 3 sections of 10 minutes each, with a proper amount of rest between each section. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

4. “It’s too hot outside!”

A walk in an air-conditioned shopping mall, or a walk in the park or jogging in the morning or evening when the temperature is cooler can solve your problem. You can also join the fitness center and enjoy the fun of exercise.

5. “It’s too cold outside!”

In addition to going to the fitness center, you can also stay at home and play a fitness dance video, while listening to lively music and dancing fitness dance, you can keep your body in shape.

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Excuses For Not Exercising

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