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Exercises Suitable

It is of course easy for a healthy person to exercises suitable for elderly , but it is not easy for a weak person to do simple exercise to keep their body healthy. For some people who find it difficult to even go for a walk outside, they can only do health exercises indoors.

More About Exercises suitable Elderly

For the elder and the weak who are unsteady, even if they are indoors, they must choose the form of activity carefully to avoid accidents. The following are simple exercises for your reference. For more research click here.

Sit; hands slowly raised up, stretched back, and then slowly lowered. Can be combined with breathing: inhale when the hand is raised, and exhale when the hand is lowered.

Sit; raise the right hand, bend to the left, return to the original position; raise the left hand, bend to the right.

Sit; take turns straightening your knees, pausing for a while before lowering.

Sit; put your toes up first, then squat with your heels after you put them down.

Stand; hold firm furniture in your hands, and walk in place. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

Sit; then stand up slowly, if the balance ability is not high, you can practice with some stable furniture.

Each of the above movements is performed in groups of five to six times, which can be increased or decreased according to the practitioner’s ability, or the range of motion can be adjusted. You won’t feel tired or tired after doing it.

This article is reviewed by the consultant doctor of this site. May you can see about The Pros and Cons of Jogging.

Exercises suitable
Exercises suitable

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