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Exercise Recommendations

Many Hong Kong people have the habit of exercise recommendations every day, and being able to exercise continuously is of course beneficial to the body. However, many people fail to exercise every day because of lack of time, inappropriate place, and being affected by objective environment.

If there are some sports that have no venue or time limit, the above problems can be solved. The following will introduce a set of simple and easy exercises for you. All five movements are mainly to stretch the tendons and move the joints.

Some Exercise Recommendations

Exercise a

Neck exercise recommendations. The head moves up and down, left and right, without excessive force, it should be done loosely, and the speed should be natural. For more research click here.

Exercise 2

Stand with your legs shoulder-to-shoulder apart; raise your hands slowly upwards while kicking your heels. At the highest point of raising hands and kicking feet, he paused for a while, and then slowly put it down. The movement can be coordinated with breathing. When raising the height, inhale through the nostrils; when lowering the hand, slowly exhale through the mouth.

Exercise 3

Stand with both legs shoulder-to-shoulder; turn the upper body loosely to the left and right sides, the hands naturally swing to the sides with the body, and the head can also turn to the same direction.

Exercise 4

Stand with the fingers of both hands connected to each other, let the palms of the backhands face outwards, and then slowly push them forward as far as possible, stopping for a while before retracting to the chest. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

Exercise 5

Take a step forward with both feet, then flex the front leg, press the weight of the body to the front leg, stop for a while at the lowest point, and relax; keep the back leg in contact with the ground. The legs can be swapped and practiced in turn.

Each of the above actions can be repeated five to ten times. It takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to practice all once, and can be repeated one to two times if time permits.

This article is reviewed by the consultant doctor of this site. May you can see about Stretch Your Heels Before and After Running.

Exercise Recommendations
Exercise Recommendations

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