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Exercise Guidelines

There is no doubt that adequate rest is necessary when you are sick, but moderate exercise guidelines is helpful for the recovery of the disease. Of course, you must first obtain the guidance of a doctor before it can be more effective.

Top Exercise Guidelines


People with asthma should exercise extra caution, especially in cold or dry weather, and should take appropriate respiratory protection. Furthermore, the degree of exercise guidelines should not be too intense to avoid asthma attacks.

High blood pressure

People with high blood pressure should get a medical evaluation before starting exercise slowly. Blood pressure can be lowered significantly with regular, rhythmic, continuous physical activity, such as walking or cycling. For more research click here.


It turns out that exercise can help control blood sugar. However diabetes need to monitor the amount of exercise and blood sugar levels before and after eating. These things can be checked with your doctor.

You should note:

Wear suitable shoes.

Avoid exercising in environments that are too hot or too cold.

Avoid exercising during periods of poor metabolism.

Obesity With the approval of your doctor, you can buy supports and immobilization devices for exercise. Regardless of your body shape, exercise is good for your body. Your fitness trainer can also design a fitness exercise program that suits you. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.


Although pregnancy is not a disease, exercise is important for pregnant women. Exercise can be in the form of aerobic exercise or light endurance training. Before participating in any sport you should consult your doctor first.

Exercise during pregnancy can have the following benefits:

Improve self-confidence. Research shows that women who exercise during pregnancy have a better self-image and reduce stress.

Moderate weight gain. Exercising during pregnancy can encourage the body to gain the right amount of weight.

Shorter delivery time. Women who exercise during pregnancy generally have shorter labor times and an easier labor process.

This article is reviewed by the consultant doctor of this site. May you can see about Moderate Exercise Can Improve Diabetes .

Exercise Guidelines
Exercise Guidelines

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