Healthy Eating Pyramid – Latest Research 2022

Eating Pyramid

In our daily diet, we need to include eating pyramid different types of food in order to absorb all the nutrients we need. Doctors and nutritionists often emphasize that a healthy body requires a balanced diet. What exactly counts as a balanced diet?

Diet Eating Pyramid

The “Eating Pyramid”, which has been talked about in recent years, is the latest daily dietary guide proposed by American nutritionists and officials. The characteristic of this pyramid is that according to the needs of human health for different types of food, it is proportionally distributed in the graph of the pyramid, which can be roughly divided into four layers and a total of six types of different foods. The lower the number of layers (ie, the closer to the bottom layer), the greater the amount required. For more research Click Here.

The first layer: various seasonings such as sugar, oil, salt, etc.

Reason : The body must strictly control the intake of the above foods, because excessive intake can easily lead to various common diseases such as diabetes , heart disease andhigh blood pressure .

The second layer: dairy, meat, soybeans, etc.

Reasons: These types of foods can provide sufficient protein for the body , but it should be stopped in moderation. Excessive absorption is harmful to the body. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

Layer 3: Vegetables and fruits

Reasons: Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits every day, supplement vitamins and minerals, and absorb cellulose to help digestion.

The fourth layer: five grains such as starchy food, rice, wheat, etc.

Reason : This kind of food is the main source of human daily energy, so it should be used as the staple food of three meals, which can provide carbohydrates for the body, support daily physical and physical operate.

This article is reviewed by the consultant doctor of this site. May you can see about Two Principles of Healthy Eating.

Eating Pyramid
Eating Pyramid

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