How To Eat More Healthy Dumplings During The Festival – Latest Research 2022


Zongzi is a festive food for the Dragon Boat Festival. Many people also like dumplings to use it for breakfast or dessert, because it is delicious and full. But for some chronically ill patients or people who want to control their weight, when the zongzi is fragrant, how can they eat it so that they can not satisfy their appetite without affecting their health?

More About Healthy Dumplings

The calorie of zongzi is higher than that of white rice. A normal-sized zongzi has about 400kcal (approximately equal to a bowl and a half of white rice). Since glutinous rice is the main material of zongzi, eating a small amount will make you feel full, and eating too much can easily cause stomach discomfort. For more research Click Here.

For patients with chronic diseases such as high cholesterol, gout , diabetes , etc., special attention should be paid to calorie intake when eating zongzi:

Patients with high cholesterol: Pay attention to the intake of fat. The fillings of zongzi include fatty meat, fried materials and salted egg yolk, which are not suitable for consumption. Therefore, the glutinous rice can save the process of frying with oil, and replace the fat meat with lean meat.

Gout patients: Gout is mainly caused by the abnormal metabolism of purine in the body, which increases the uric acid in the blood. The fillings of zongzi such as mushrooms, dried shrimps, peanuts, red beans, etc. are all Globulin’s foods, so it is not advisable to eat more, and try to reduce the oil content as much as possible. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

Diabetic patients: Pay attention to the intake of oil and sugar. It is not advisable to fry zongzi after cooking. Eat less fat, and do not dip too much sugar or syrup with them. Due to the high starch content of zongzi, be careful not to overeat.

If you have the above chronic diseases in your family, you can reduce the amount of rice dumplings, add more grains, reduce the amount of oil in the ingredients, replace fatty meat with lean meat, etc., and eat with boiled vegetables, or Then eat some fruit to increase the intake of fiber, so that the family can eat at ease. May you can see about Can Sugar Substitutes Cause Bladder Cancer.


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