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Every festive occasion or business entertainment, Drinks alcoholic beverages are indispensable beverages, and a drink or two is inevitable. However, if you drink too much, not only will you have headaches and discomfort due to drunkenness, but long-term drinking will also cause harm to your body.

Drinks Too Much Alcohol

will hurt the body. Drink too much will cause you to get drunk, and all parts of your body will be affected and you will feel uncomfortable:

1:The blood vessels in the brain are dilated under the influence of alcohol, causing headaches.

2:The central nervous system is stimulated, causing the body to sweat and tremble, and vision, hearing and touch are affected and blurred. For more research Click Here.

3:The heartbeat becomes abnormal.

4:The abnormal secretion of the pancreas causes dizziness and nausea; indigestion in the stomach, hyperacidity causes vomiting .

5:The kidneys cannot absorb water, causing frequent urination.

6:The liver absorbs excess fat and lactic acid, resulting in hypoglycemia, which makes people weak and emotionally unstable;

7:The throat is often dry due to dehydration. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

8:Muscles are weakened by alcohol-induced dehydration and low blood sugar levels.

Long-term alcohol abuse will also affect the digestive system organs, causing inflammation of the esophagus and stomach wall or even ulcers ; excessive alcohol affects the detoxification function of the liver , resulting in fatty liver or hepatitis . Excessive drink will also affect appetite, hinder the absorption of nutrients, reduce the body’s immunity, and even cause alcohol poisoning, resulting in hand and foot paralysis, neuritis and other symptoms. Alcoholism can be really troublesome.

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