Drinking Should Only Be Taken Lightly and Avoid Excessive Drinking – Latest Research 2022


Alcohol drinking abuse is estimated to be the most prevalent health problem in developed countries. In the United States, for example, about 10 million people drink alcohol, and 200,000 people die from alcohol poisoning every year, and the related medical care costs are as high as 12 billion US dollars per year. This shows that the harm of alcoholism cannot be ignored.

More About Drinking

It is well known that drinking too much alcohol increases your chances of developing liver disease. Studies have shown that men who consume 80 grams of ethanol per day or women who consume 20 grams per day are associated with an increased risk of serious liver disease. For women, it is even more inappropriate to drink more than two glasses of beer or wine a day. For more research Click Here.

Excessive alcohol intake can lead to not only liver disease, but also stomach ulcers , diarrhea , heart failure , irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure , anemia and other conditions. Pregnant women who drink alcohol are more likely to cause fetal growth retardation, lower IQ, heart defects, and bone or muscle abnormalities. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

Drink should only be taken lightly, although studies have shown that drinking a glass or a small amount of wine a day can effectively control cholesterol levels in the body, but remember to limit it in moderation.

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