12 Anti-Cancer Diet Weapons – Latest and Best Research 2022

Diet Weapons

Cancer is the killer disease in the metropolis, but we are not in a situation where we cannot fight back. Eating carefully is diet weapons , exercising, keeping an eye on your weight, not smoking – these seemingly inconspicuous little actions can increase your chances of developing cancer 60% reduction. With one-third of cancer deaths in the U.S. related to eating habits, here are 12 weapons that can give you self-protection and boost your chances of defeating cancer.

Anti-Cancer Diet Weapons

1. Eat more fruits and

vegetables Beta carotene, vitamin Vitamin E and selenium are antioxidants that protect cells from fre radicals and boost the immune system to fight infection and cancer. Green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits contain cancer-fighting compounds that may help prevent lung, mouth, throat, stomach, breast, pancreas, and bladder is anti cancer diet weapons.

2. Eat complex carbohydrates

Eat at least seven servings of whole grains, legumes, roots, and tubers a day, while avoiding foods high in sugar. The fiber , vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals complex carbohydrates Whole grains, black rice, peas, and beans, sweet potatoes, beets, turnips, and bananas work better as anti cancer diet weapons. For more research Click Here.

3. Drink the right amount of alcohol.

 The right amount of alcohol can prevent heart disease, but drinking too much often increases the risk of oral cancer, liver cancer, throat cancer and bowel cancer. Therefore, the more alcohol you consume, the higher the risk of cancer. The safe level is no more than two drinks a day for men and one drink a day for women.

4. Quit high-fat food

, especially animal fat, try to eat unsaturated fat, because the more saturated fat you eat, it will induce breast cancer, colon cancer, uterine cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and rectal cancer. Fat intake should account for less than 30% of calorie intake, and olive oil should be used instead of lard, tallow and margarine.

5. Less salt and more health

People who eat foods high in salt have a higher chance of developing stomach cancer. Try to limit eating processed foods to keep your health healthy. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

6. Refrigerate

unsustainable food Refrigeration is better than salt-preserved food, and it also reduces the risk of stomach cancer.

7. Don’t eat burnt food,

especially the burnt part of meat or fish. This is becauseproteinfood is too high, it will produce carcinogenic cyclic aromatic amines. cancerand rectal cancer.

8. Drink tea

Green and black tea has polyphenols, especially catechol, which can prevent cancer cells from growing and limit the spread of cancer cells.

9. Anti-cancer beans

People who often eat soybeans are indeed less likely to suffer from breast cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer. Soybeans have a substance called genistrin, which belongs to isoflavone, which can fight cancer cells. Beans in soy milk, tofu and vegetarian burgers Proteins are all sources of high isoflavore.

10. Add more onions and garlic

. Their spiciness comes mainly from chemicals called organosulfurs, which break down potential carcinogens. Studies have shown that the ingredients in garlic can slow the growth of breast,skinand bowel cancer in mice, which is similar to raw onions, but garlic is more effective in preventing cancer.

11. Spicy is good anti diet weapons.

Chili peppers burn off carcinogens while making your tongue hot. It contains an antioxidant, Capsaicin, which interferes with the binding of nitrites to amines, which have been linked to the formation of stomach cancer. At the same time, Capsaicin also destroys the carcinogens in cigarettes that cause lung cancer.

12. Don’t smoke is good anti cancer diet weapons

While this isn’t dietary advice, it’s impossible not to mention it. Tobacco is the leading cause of lung cancer. A good diet can be protective, but if you smoke there is no insurance at all.

This article is reviewed by the consultant doctor of this site. May you can see about Healthy Eating Pyramid.

Diet Weapons
Diet Weapons

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