Dumpling Trap For Diabetics – High Fat and High Sugar – Latest Research 2022


The World Health Organization has warned that diabetics will become one of the most threatening chronic diseases in the new century. In addition to serious complications such as vision loss, cataracts , stroke , and high blood pressure , it has a tendency to be younger. At present, the main method of treatment is to control the disease through diet, drugs and appropriate exercise, and “low-fat, low-sugar” is the first principle of patients’ diet.

Details About Dumpling Trap For Diabetics

Many diabetics patients can follow the dietary principles on weekdays, but they often cannot resist the temptation of festive foods during festivals. Although it will not have a serious impact on the condition occasionally, it must still be controlled. The festive food of the Dragon Boat Festival is glutinous rice as the main material, with fatty meat and salted egg yolk, or lotus seed paste or red bean as filling, and then dipped in sugar or syrup when eating. Diabetic patients should pay special attention to the following when eating zongzi. item. For more research Click Here.

low-fat principle

Eating more zongzi is easy to stagnate. In addition, the longer the zongzi is cooked in water, the higher the degree of gelatinization of the rice grains, and the greater the impact on the blood sugar after eating. Therefore, you should pay attention not to overcook the zongzi.

Diabetics must control the intake of fat. The fatty meat in the filling of zongzi should not be eaten. Lean meat can be used instead of fatty meat when making zongzi.

When frying other ingredients, use less oil to avoid absorbing too much oil.

When cooking zongzi, it is also better to boil or steam, not to fry.

low sugar principle

Avoid eating foods that can easily cause blood sugar to rise, and try to dip in syrup as little as possible when eating zongzi. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

The lotus seed dumplings mostly use canned lotus seed paste as the material, or saccharin may be used, and should be eaten as little as possible.

Foods with high starch content are also restricted. Zongzi are mainly made of glutinous rice and should only be tasted lightly.

On the other hand, in order to prevent high blood pressure, the seasoning of zongzi should not be too salty, and processed canned lotus paste should not be eaten too much. Consuming more fiber can help slow down the absorption of sugar and slow the rise of blood sugar, so you might as well choose whole grains, purple rice or vegetarian rice dumplings. May you can see about Food Labelling System – Protecting Consumers’ Right to Know.


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