Moderate Exercise Can Improve Diabetes – Latest and Best Research 2022


Appropriate exercise can not only promote blood circulation, but also help improve diabetes the body’s resistance, prevent foreign infection, and it is more effective for patients with chronic diseases. Diabetes is the best example.

Exercise Can Improve Diabetes

Diabetic people don’t have stable blood sugar levels, so blood sugar levels can rise too high after a full meal and drop too low when hungry. In addition to adjusting the diet and taking medicine regularly, proper exercise also plays a positive role. Proper exercise can not only consume excess blood sugar, reduce body fat, help stabilize blood sugar levels, but also help control weight and avoid obesity. For more research click here.

For diabetic patients, aerobic exercise is the most suitable, that is, the exercise with a relatively light load and can be carried out for a long time, such as walking, fast walking, Tai Chi, cycling and so on. The best time for each practice is 30 minutes, and it should be slightly increased or decreased according to individual circumstances. The initial practice can start from 15 minutes and increase gradually. The intensity of the exercise may be easier. If you want to increase the consumption, it is better to prolong the practice time, rather than increase the intensity of the exercise, for safety.

In terms of practice time, morning or evening is equally suitable. However, it is best to take a break after meals to avoid the risk of hypoglycemia. This is especially important for those who are accustomed to exercising in the morning. Be sure to practice after eating breakfast. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

Remember, exercise is only one part of overall diabetic people management, and patients still need to adjust their diet and take medicines prescribed by their doctor. For those with severe illness, exercise must be carried out in accordance with the advice of medical staff.

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