Essential Iron and Calcium Deficiency During Development – Latest Research 2022


Adolescence is an important stage in the development of boys and girls into adults. In addition to the need for balanced nutrition and more calories, adolescents also need two nutrients at this time—iron and calcium. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

Details about iron and calcium during development

girl and iron

Girls need about 15 mg of iron per day .

In teenage girls, iron needs rise by 50% as menstruation begins.

Teenage girls may have difficulty getting the iron they need from their daily diet alone and may need additional supplements. For more research Click Here.

boy and iron

Boys need about 12 mg of iron per day.

For teenage boys, iron requirements rise by 20% due to increased body mass.

In general, young men can meet their iron needs from their daily diet.

Teenagers and calcium

Teenagers have a 25% increase in calcium needs.

The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for calcium is 1200 mg, and adolescents need up to 1500 mg.

According to USDA research, only 35% of teenage boys and 14% of teenage girls get 100% of the RDA for calcium intake.

Because at least 40% of bone mass is formed during adolescence, calcium is especially important in a teenager’s diet. Adequate calcium helps teens achieve better bone density, which is one of the best protections against osteoporosis in old age. In addition to improving bone mass, a moderate amount of calcium can also support muscle contraction and overall growth. May you can see about Hand-made healthy snacks for kids.


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