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Dance Fitness

When it comes to the most popular fitness exercise for women, many people think it is dance fitness . Because as long as you listen to light music and dance, you can become slim. But many people ignore that fitness dancing is actually a fairly strenuous exercise, and it is more likely to cause physical injury if you don’t pay attention.

More About Dance Fitness

In addition to the waist and back, muscle sprains and lower extremity strains, such as knee and heel pain, are also more common injuries caused by fitness dancing. To avoid bodily injury, in addition to a set of comfortable fitness dance clothes, a pair of fitness dance shoes with good shock absorption should also be used. As for the ground of the venue, it is best to use a wooden floor or a plastic floor.

This is mainly to protect the feet and avoid too much impact between the feet and the floor, so as to reduce the trauma caused by strain. Warm-up exercise is also a part that cannot be ignored. The purpose is to move the joints and stretch the tendons to reduce the chance of sprains. For more research click here.

As for the form of dance fitness , it is not advisable to exercise the same group of joints or muscle groups for too long. It is better to exercise the muscles and muscles of the whole body, and the bending of the waist and the knees should not be too large or too long. At the end of the fitness dance, you should slowly reduce the amount of exercise and stretch the tendons at the same time. As long as you pay attention to the above points, you can enjoy the fun of fitness dance with confidence. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

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Dance Fitness
Dance Fitness

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