DHA Makes Children Smarter – Latest Research 2022


New baby formulas are advertised as containing DHA, which can help children develop their brains. Do you know what DHA is? Will babies be smarter if they absorb more DHA?

Importance of DHA in children

Solve the “smart mystery” of

DHA. The full name of DHA is Docosahexaenoic Acid. The most abundant DHA content in nature is deep-sea fish. DHA is one of the highly unsaturated fatty acids in fish oil, which can reduce blood cholesterol and triglycerides, and reduce the risk of heart disease. DHA is thought to make people smart because it is the main lipid component of brain nerve cell membranes and one of the main lipid components of hippopotamus (related to learning and memory). In addition, DHA can increase the mobility of cells and promote the transmission of information in nerve cells. For more research Click Here.

Who needs DHA the most

nutrition scholars from the University of Connecticut in the United States said that after research, it was found that the DHA absorbed by breast milk or milk powder is not enough to meet the needs of infants who are generally breastfeeding or growing due to the rapid development of their brains. . Therefore, mothers should eat more deep-sea fish during pregnancy, so that the body can store enough DHA to supply the baby through breastfeeding.

A person with a normal diet and healthy body has sufficient DHA content from the daily intake of fatty acids, and no additional supplements are required. If the synthesis enzymes in the body are not enough, DHA may be lacking, and children generally have poor synthesis ability in the body, so there is a need to supplement DHA. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs

Excessive absorption is not good

. Everything will be reversed. Although DHA can help children’s brain development, DHA itself is a highly unsaturated fatty acid, which is easily oxidized to generate no radicals. If you take too much, it will damage cells and DNA. adverse effects. Therefore, daily intake of DHA from seafood is sufficient.

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