Causes of Obesity – Latest and Useful Research 2022


The traditional and general explanation is that causes of obesity by eating too much and exercising too little. This definition can be established to a certain extent, in fact, obesity is a complex phenomenon, including physical and psychological factors.

Main causes of obesity

Genetic factors (genetic predisposition)

A twin research report confirmed that is causes of obesity may be related to the “826T” gene, and it tends to appear in the same family members. It is the fat cell in our body that stores excess energy, and its number and size can increase with changes in the body and individual dietary habits. But when its number increases, it cannot be restored, that is, the number cannot be reduced. All that can be reduced is the size of the cells. For more research Click Here.

Obese parents are more likely to have obese children, so some people are more likely to be obese than others. The potential for causes of obesity may also be built on dietary habits during pregnancy or childhood. In addition, the number and size of fat cells in the human body will be affected by the eating habits of childhood.

If a child’s fat cells increase in size and number, the chance of obesity will also greatly increase when he becomes an adult. Excessive eating in adulthood only increases the volume of fat cells, not the number. This shows the importance of preventing obesity in childhood.

Set point theory

assumes that each body has a natural set point in its weight, but it varies from person to person. That is, our body can control the level of fat cells so that they are balanced. When fat storage hits a low point, the body automatically creates a feeling of hunger and slows down metabolism in order to keep weight at a fixed level. Some people have a higher set point, so their weight is often kept above normal. People with a lower fixed point are thinner than the average person in the long run.

This theory has not been proven, and its role and nature in controlling fat cells is still unknown. But this theory may explain why some people who lose weight on a diet plan easily gain back their original pounds, and the difficulty seems to lie in maintaining the lost weight over the long term. In the same way, those who want to gain weight also face similar problems. This is a causes of obesity. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

psychological factors

Psychoanalytic theory is the belief that obesity is caused by unresolved conflicts or emotional stress. Eating is just a means of escaping reality, but this self-defense method fails him to achieve his goal of escaping reality. Instead, it causes them to fall into a vicious cycle of greater emotional frustration, self-doubt, and continue to eat more.

Environmental cues

are the theory that postulates that obese people are particularly sensitive to cues from the outside world that affect their normal hunger and their physiological sensitivity to their true need for food. For example, they are particularly sensitive to the availability and attractiveness of food. Normal people eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full, but these obese people can continue to eat when they are not hungry because of TV advertisements, food presentations or flavors, etc.

Obese Personality

According to some clinical observations, the personalities of obese individuals include: nervousness, dependence, need for oral satisfaction, and poor adaptability. However, the above speculations have not been supported and confirmed by research, so we should not judge them casually with tinted glasses.

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