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causes of obesity

From a scientific point of view, the calorie intake of the body is causes of obesity higher than the calorie consumption of the body will lead to obesity. Genetic, environmental and psychological factors also play a role.

Genetic factors of causes of obesity

The formation of obese families is mainly related to heredity. Of course, this is closely related to eating habits. The discovery of the obesity gene (Ob gene) in 1995 provides the best evidence. The fat-derived hormone Leptin, which is transcribed by the Ob gene, can be produced by fat cells and transmitted to the brain through blood circulation, thereby regulating food intake and increasing energy consumption. For more research Click Here.

Therefore, the cause of obesity family, whether the function of Leptin is normal is very important, because the concentration of Leptin in the blood is low or the receptor (Receptor) that binds to Leptin in the brain is abnormal, it is easy to cause excessive intake,fataccumulation, and reduced energy consumption. , and eventually weight gain causes obesity.

Environmental factors of causes of obesity

This includes lifestyle and eating behaviour. For example, the choice of food tends to be high in calories, and the consideration of taste, taste and convenience is often better than nutritional value. The following methods can help you take advantage of environmental factors to maintain a normal weight:

Learn which foods are nutrient-dense and low in fat.

Learn to reject the temptation of food.

Do more exercise and burn calories.

Psychological factors

Abnormal overeating is often one of the ways to vent emotions such as emptiness, anger and sadness. According to statistics, about 30% of obese patients are caused by psychological factors. People with bulimia often have difficulty maintaining or losing weight, so they need the help of a professional physician or psychotherapist. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

Other factors

A small number of diseases may also lead to obesity, including hypothyroidism, depression and certain neurological diseases. Taking certain medications such as steroids and antidepressants can also cause obesity.

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causes of obesity
causes of obesity

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