17 Great Foods To Fight Breast Cancer – Latest Research 2022

Breast Cancer

Science seems to be discovering foods that may fight breast cancer every day. Why not add these foods to your daily diet and start accumulating something that’s good for you?

Foods For Breast Cancer

1. Carrot Juice

An 8-ounce glass of fresh carrot juice contains 300% of the daily recommended amount of beta-carotene (while only 70 calories). Many studies have pointed out that eating foods high in BETA carotene will reduce the incidence of breast cancer.

2. Two pickled carrot cubes

Serve with pickled daikon cubes for quick meals. Like all broccoli families, white radishes contain indole-3-carbinol, which lowers levels of a type of estrogen in women that promotes breasts cancer growth.

3. One cup of 1% fat milk Warm

up one cup of 1% fat milk, add a quarter teaspoon of almond extract, and enjoy at bedtime. Why not skim milk? Because milk fat contains a strange compound called conjugated linoleic acid that fights breasts cancer in test tubes and in animals. For more research Click Here.

4. Tomato Juice

Tomatoes contain a compound called Lycopene, and high levels of Lycopene in the diet have been associated with a lower incidence of breasts cancer.

5. Salmon

If you see salmon on a restaurant menu, click on it. Salmon is high in omega-3 fats, and studies suggest that women with high levels of omega-3 in their tissues have lower rates of breasts cancer.

6. Women with high levels of vitamin D in the multivitamin D

diet haveless incidence of breast cancer. In order to ensure that the daily intake reaches the recommended level, experts recommend adding multivitamins to healthy diets every day.

7. Pineapple Carrots

Add a four-ounce carrot and a 6-ounce can of chilled pineapple juice to a jar with a lid and shake well for ten seconds to make a 129-calorie drink. The beta carrots contained in carrots are easily absorbed by the body.

8. Orange Juice Orange

peels and white membranes contain compounds called Limonoids, which inhibit breast cancer growth in test tubes. Commercially sold orange juice contains these compounds because they are vigorously squeezed during manufacture.

9. Rye biscuits

Instead of biscuits made from refined flour, try rye biscuits. Many varieties of cookies are made with 100% rye. Dip spinach soup is delicious. A study showed that women who ate refined grains had a higher chance of developing breasts cancer. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

10. Cereals

If you’re not ready to eat pure bran cereal, combine your favorite grain with half and half of the two main types of wheat bran—whole grains plus fiber orfiber. Women who ate one serving a day of grains high in wheat bran had lower levels of estrogen, which contributes to breasts cancer.

11. White tuna salad

A salad made with water-soaked canned tuna, which is rich in omega-3 fats, which are shown to protect against breast cancer in current trials.

12. Green

tea Green tea contains EGCG, a compound that inhibits breast cancer in mice.

13. Olive Oil

Try half olive oil and half balsamic vinegar to make your own dressing. Some olive oil dressings on the market are a combination of multiple oils and should be chosen carefully. Studies have shown that women living in the Mediterranean who eat a lot of olive oil have a lower incidence of breasts cancer.

14. Garlic

is in a test tube. Garlic can kill breasts cancer cells, and it may also kill breasts cancer cells in your body, but before cooking garlic, it is best to peel and chop it, put it on for ten to fifteen minutes, and heat it immediately If so, it will not be able to produce substances that fight cancer cells.

15. Spinach juice

study found that women who ate spinach at least twice a week had half the risk of breast cancer compared to women who didn’t eat spinach. Adding an ounce of frozen spinach to a quarter cup of low-fat mayo, Three cups buttercream and two teaspoons of cheese. Add a few tablespoons of 1% milk to thicken the sauce and refrigerate for an additional hour. That’s a sauce with only 70 calories, 2 grams offat, and 1 gram of fiber per quarter-cup serving.

16. Veggie Patties

Delicious veggie burgers and sausages don’t contain the same compounds as cooked meat — compounds that may explain why women who eat a lot of red and well-cooked meat seem to be more likely to get it breasts cancer.

17. Anchovies

Anchovies are rich in omega-3 fats.

This article is reviewed by the consultant doctor of this site. May you can see about 12 Anti-Cancer Diet Weapons .

breast cancer
breast cancer

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