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Details Of Food Beverage

1. Drinking tea to lose weight

Since tea does not contain any calories, it is not harmful Beverage to drink much; and tea can also improve metabolism and prevent typhoid fever. There are many teas suitable for weight loss, such as barley tea, rosemary tea and so on.

Note: Pay attention to the lead content beverage of tea leaves.

2. Slimming tea slimming method

Weight loss teas beverage on the market are said to help burn fat and aid digestion. The principle is that the tea contains laxatives or diuretics, which can cause frequent urination and even diarrhea.

Precautions: It should be noted that when the water and electrolytes in the body are out of balance, it can lead to dangerous situations such as abnormal heart rate and dehydration. The body loses weight as it loses water and electrolytes, so it’s not really fat loss.

3. After-dinner tea slimming method

The ancient Chaozhou recipes are suitable for rice, tea beverage, soup, and food; in addition to making it difficult to gain weight, with moderate exercise, the effect of weight loss can be more significant. The key to losing weight with tea after meals is actually to drink a cup of Tie Guanyin tea after each meal.

In addition, try to cook soup for each meal as much as possible. In terms of soup, you can try stewed beef brisket with lemon, plum soup, lime soup, golden needle fungus soup, sour curry vegetable soup, sour bamboo shoot fish soup or pickled vegetable soup. These soups can help reduce fat and refresh the stomach. The rice can be served with pickled ginger rice or black glutinous rice. For more research Click Here.

Matters needing attention: Although this method is simple, it must be persevered in order to gradually see the effect of tea weight loss after meals.

 4. Eucommia tea slimming method

 Eucommia tea beverage is made from the Eucommia tree that grows in the mountains of central and southwestern China. Because Eucommia has a diuretic effect, it is suitable for weight loss; and it is also effective for edema, rough skin, acne, and constipation. Eucommia can also promote smooth blood circulation, improve metabolism, improve physical fitness, and make users less likely to gain weight. Drinkers can consider it as a substitute for fruit juice and drink it at any time and in unlimited quantities.

5. Green tea slimming method

Green tea beverage contains polyphenols, vitamins, amino acids and other ingredients, which can regulate fat metabolism, reduce blood lipids and cholesterol, and effectively reduce body fat. Substituting green tea for other beverages such as soft drinks and sugar-sweetened beverages can help you lose weight in the long run.

Matters needing attention: The alkaloids in green tea are harmful to gout patients, so people with gout should drink mild green tea. In addition, green tea contains “saponin”, which can make the tea foam and make the stomach feel full, but it will not affect your health. Green tea has a diuretic function and contains caffeine, which makes it difficult to fall asleep, so try not to drink it before going to bed.

6. Drink vinegar to lose weight

Vinegar contains amino acids, which can promote the consumption of excess fat in the body and convert it into energy, and strengthen the metabolism of protein and sugar. Those who lose weight only need to drink a certain amount of vinegar every day, and they can lose about 6 to 12 pounds in a month.

Matters needing attention: Although this dietary method does not hurt the body, if you only drink vinegar without controlling your eating habits, it will promote digestion and make your body absorb more calories, and you will gain weight instead. It should be noted that people with gastroptosis or gastrointestinal problems should not use this weight loss method, so as not to hurt the stomach.

7. Black vinegar slimming method

Drinking 1 cup of black vinegar every morning can improve the metabolism of the human body and achieve the purpose of easy weight loss. Black vinegar has a very sour taste, so it can be diluted with boiling water to drink. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

Matters needing attention: Like the vinegar slimming method, people with stomach problems should not eat it, so as not to cause stomach discomfort due to acidity.

8. Soy milk slimming method

Soybean flour is rich in fiber, so if you dissolve it in milk, it can effectively eliminate constipation and edema, and reduce weight. Drink 1 cup every day before breakfast and before going to bed, and it will be effective beverage if you continue to do it.

Matters needing attention: The mixed soybean milk Beverage should be drunk as soon as possible, and it is not advisable to mix and store in advance, so as to avoid the deterioration of the milk. In addition, skim milk should be used to avoid absorbing the fat of whole milk.

9. Brown Rice Coffee Slimming Method

Brown rice coffee can be purchased on the market, or you can make it yourself. The method is to grind the same amount of brown rice and coffee beans together in a bean grinder, and then brew it in an espresso pot. Brown rice itself is rich in minerals and fiber, which is very beneficial to the human body. Drinking brown rice coffee every day can eliminate constipation, edema, and can lead to weight loss in the long run.

Note: People with insomnia and nervousness should not drink too much coffee, because the caffeine in it will make the heart beat faster and stimulate the nervous system. Ordinary people should not drink more than four cups a day, otherwise it will easily lead to symptoms such as anxiety, panic and myocardial infarction.           

10. Slimming coffee Beverage slimming method

 This method originated in the United States in 1995. Slimming coffee is added with saponin (Saponin, also known as flavonoids or dianthus ginseng, which has phlegm-relieving, cough-relieving, sedative, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects) and other ingredients that have the effect of decomposing fat. . However, although it seems to be no different from coffee, it does not contain caffeine and is not actually coffee.

Note: Saponin can be found in many plants. In recent years, more than 20 Saponin have been found in ginseng. The medicinal materials containing this ingredient are mostly used in cough prescriptions to strengthen the expectorant effect, but are rarely used for weight loss.

11. Drink water to lose weight

Drink 2 liters of French origin mineral water every day, and maintain a normal diet at the same time. In fact, drinking about 1.5 liters of water every day can not only reduce weight, but also effectively eliminate constipation.

Matters needing attention: The special feature of drinking water to lose weight is to drink the mineral water of French origin. Because these products are rich in minerals such as magnesium and calcium, they are used as medical water in France.

12. Cocoa Beverage drink slimming method

Cocoa has always been regarded as a fat drink, but it turns out that cocoa powder itself has almost 0 calories and contains twice as much dietary fiber as tomato juice, which can not only eliminate constipation, but also help lose weight.

Precautions: 1 cup of cocoa prepared with pure cocoa powder contains 75 kcal. Even if you drink two cups a day, it will not cause obesity. It can be used as a substitute for dessert.        

13. Soybean Powder Cocoa Slimming Method

 Soybean flour refers to the powder made from fried soybeans and contains a lot of dietary fiber. In addition, since the soybean flour itself has a little sweetness, it can make the taste more attractive. Each cup of soy flour and cocoa contains about 100 kcal. Drinking it before dinner can not only reduce food intake, but also use the soy nutrients in it to make up for the lack of nutrients in the body.

Note: Cocoa drinks should have as little sugar as possible.

14. Coke Beverage slimming method

Maintain normal eating habits for breakfast and lunch, and replace dinner with a can of Diet Coke for dinner. Because the carbonic acid in cola can fill the stomach with gas, people feel full and do not want to eat.

Matters needing attention: Of course, the sugar and calories of Coke are not low, and drinking too much will also cause obesity, and Coke itself has basically no nutritional value at all.

The weight loss methods mentioned in this article are for reference only. Before starting any weight loss plan, you should consult your doctor and nutritionist, and you should not try blindly. May you can see about Diet Other Foods.


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