Long-Term Bedridden People Should Maintain Moderate Exercise – Latest and Useful Research 2022


For some people who need to stay in bedridden for a long time, their physique will gradually deteriorate due to lack of physical activity for a long time, and they are prone to complications caused by long-term bed rest, such as chest and lung infections, bedsores, etc., so they should be encouraged to do more simple exercises Exercise to stay healthy and active.

Long-Term Bedridden

In fact, bedridden patients can also perform some simple exercises. The following actions are all performed while lying down. However, it must be noted that all activities should be able to be handled by the patient, so that they have positive value. There shouldn’t be any discomfort. If in doubt, you should consult the relevant medical staff. For more research click here.

The hands are clasped or clasped tightly together, straight and raised together, and then placed on the pillow. The higher the position, the more shoulders can be moved. It is more ideal if combined with breathing; the method is when the hands are raised Inhale, then slowly bring your hands back to your chest while exhaling.

Bend your legs, then extend your back knees to the sides, keeping your upper body as still as possible.

Bend your legs at the same time, then raise your hips, try to leave the bed as far as possible, and hold for a few seconds before lowering.

Alternately bend the legs and then straighten them.

Put one or two pillows under your knees to make it slightly flexed, and then take turns to straighten your knees, stopping for a while before lowering them. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

Keep your fingers as straight as possible, then make a firm fist.

Move the soles of your feet up and down. Each of the above movements is repeated five to six times as a group, which can be slightly increased or decreased according to the practitioner’s ability.

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