Food Choices and Suggestions For Athletes – Latest and Useful Research 2022


Athletes need to eat 60 to 70 percent carbohydrates in their diets, so they need to eat more grains and other carbohydrate -rich foods, including fruits and milk. Others, such as root vegetables, also need to pay attention to the intake of more, such as potatoes, Gan Xin, corn and so on. For more research click here.

Foods For Athletes

No single food provides all the nutrients you need, but some are better choices. Here are some suggested choices for each type of food:

Smart Alternatives

Soy milk does not contain much calcium and cannot replace the nutrition of milk. If you feel uncomfortable after drinking fresh milk, colic and diarrhea, you can choose other calcium-rich foods, including canned fish bones, tofu (except boxed smooth tofu), rice fish, seafood (shrimp, oysters) , scallop, sea cucumber), kale, broccoli, amaranth, cabbage. In addition, fresh milk has roughly the same nutritional value as fresh-packed milk and milk powder. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

principles of good eating

The diet should be diversified, not a partial eclipse.

Maintain your ideal body weight.

Eat more fruits, vegetables and grains.

Cut down on foods high in salt, salted or sugar.

Alcohol must never be abused.

Drink enough water every day.

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