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After Exercise

Have you ever tried to stretch your muscles and bones for a long time? Once you participate in some physically demanding after exercise, you will definitely feel muscle pain afterwards, and the more intense the exercise, the more severe the pain in the relevant muscle group. Strangely, the soreness didn’t appear immediately during exercise, but only felt a day and a half after exercising.

Details About Soreness After Exercise

The causes of this kind of pain are not fully understood, and many scientists are still studying this phenomenon. The most accepted theory is the “micro-trauma” theory, which means that during exercise, due to the lack of flexibility of the tendon, it does not adapt to the pulling force generated by the violent contraction of the muscle, resulting in numerous extremely fine tissue tears. In addition to the pain, there is also swelling and a feeling of warmth, which are signs of destruction of active tissue and acute inflammation. For more research click here.

How can I reduce pain?

Try applying a cold compress to the sore area for fifteen to twenty minutes, then stretch the muscle group involved.

Many studies have shown that this type of soreness can be prevented. The first is to stretch each muscle group more during the warm-up to increase their flexibility. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

After exercising, you should also stretch your muscles. If you find that your muscles are stiff, you can also apply cold compresses.

The most basic method is that the amount of exercise should be gradual, which can not only avoid subsequent soreness, but also avoid various problems caused by excessive exercise.

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After Exercise
After Exercise

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